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profi-air flat manifold 6-fold

profi-air flat manifold FRÄNKISCHE

profi-air flat manifold: One solution to all challenges

The new profi-air flat manifold 6-fold for heat recovery ventilation allows installation in a great variety of situations. The plastic manifold is a product for each application and installation situation, even for concrete construction.

No matter what construction site conditions you have, the flat manifold offers the ideal solution to each and every challenge. Depending on the installation situation, the flat manifold can be connected to the ventilation unit with three possible pipe variants (Ovalkanal, iso or metal pipe) installed either exposed or in concrete.

The flat manifold with flow-optimised design boasts six outlets for the profi-air classic ventilation pipe. The profi-air classic connection coupling ensures additional flexibility: profi-air classic pipes in nominal widths of 63, 75 and 90 can now be connected. By means of extension with a second manifold, as many as twelve connections become possible.

Thanks to the profi-air flat manifold 6-fold which is suitable for residential and non-residential construction, single- and multi-family homes, pre-fabricated buildings, renovation as well as floor distribution, the installer's ventilation planning becomes a breeze.

Product features and installation

profi-air flat manifold - Specials

profi-air flat manifold - Installation

Installation examples

Whether on the wall, ceiling or in the floor, in a single-family home, for renovation or floor distribution: With FRÄNKISCHE's new profi-air flat manifold 6-fold for heat recovery ventilation, the installers now have one manifold for all installation situations – and the first ever plastic flat manifold for installation in in-situ concrete and filigree ceilings.

Here, the connection system can be installed virtually invisibly with the Ovalkanal system including the flat manifold embedded in concrete. This "concealed" installation is of particular advantage to the installer, since he does not have to install additional ventilation lines on the ceiling in mainly confined installation space. The end customer also benefits from an appealing look. The flat manifold can alternatively be visibly attached to the ventilation unit by means of exposed installation of the round pipe (iso, metal) or the space-saving Ovalkanal.


Irrespective of the installation variant, the flat manifold is accessible via one of the three removable inspection covers DN 160 without dismantling the connection system. This allows inspection and cleaning of the flat manifold whenever necessary, as well as installation of air regulation elements. When installed in concrete, two round, plane covers only are visible on the ceiling.

The re-designed profi-air classic connection coupling with an integrated sealing guarantees an airtight connection of structural parts and thus securely seals the flat manifold for installation in concrete. The profi-air classic connection plug allows needs-based opening and closing of the six flat manifold outlets via bayonet connector.

Benefits of the profi-air flat manifold

  • One manifold for all application options at the construction site

  • One manifold, three different connection dimensions (NW 63, 75, 90), and three various connection systems (iso, metal & Ovalkanal)

  • Securing by means of concrete formwork cover DN 160

  • Concealed installation: If the manifold has been installed and connected in concrete, two round, plane covers only are visible on the ceiling


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