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Robert College

Radiant heating/cooling, radiator connection
Robert College
Robert College

One of the most renowned colleges in Turkey was equipped with a floor heating system by FRÄNKISCHE: 4,200 metres of ff-therm multi difustop PE-Xa 20 x 2.0mm has been installed in the new cafeteria of the Robert College in Istanbul to make sure the students do not get cold feet during their breaks. PE-Xa pipes have proved their worth in more than 300,000 building projects in residential construction, large offices, car showrooms or hotels.

Robert College, established in 1863, is a US college and boarding school. In 1971, it was spun off from what is the Bosporus University today and moved to the Istanbul district of Besiktas overlooking the Bosporus. The Robert College graduates comprise numerous persons of the Turkish and Bulgarian history, including several prime ministers, politicians and journalists.

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